Gentle Paws Dog Training

New dog in the house?  Or a lovable pet who could use a bit better manners?  Join Sharon Nowakowski of Gentle Paws at the CATHE Center for dog and puppy obedience training!

Sharon is Canine CPR Certified, a CGC Evaluator and a Canine Weightpull  Trainer.

Call or email Sharon, (414)916-5936, or stop in with your furry best friend at one of her classes:


Wednesday Feb 5th 6pm

This class is for puppies 6 months and younger.  It will focus on socialization, housebreaking, mouthing, along with any other behavioral issues needed, as well as intro to obedience.

6 WEEKS.   $120



Wednesday Feb 5th 7:30pm

This class is for dogs 6 months and older.  We will focus on basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, wait, come, heel) as well as any behavioral issues that need to be addressed.

6 WEEKS.   $120



Tuesday Feb 4th  10am

This class is for senior dogs (you be the judge) who are not comfortable around the boisterous youngsters.  They are well behaved, low key, but would still enjoy some socialization and enrichment.

6 WEEKS.   $120



Tuesday Feb 4th 11:30am 

This class is for dogs of any age who are very shy and would be too overwhelmed in a regular class.  The focus will be on fun, food and confidence building games. 

6 WEEKS.   $120


CGC  (Canine Good Citizen)

This class is for dogs who are quite well behaved but need a refresher in order to become canine good citizens.  The CGC test will be given the last week of class.

4 WEEKS.   $100

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