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As always, we strive to bring you useful information that is aimed to support you during this challenging time. Social distancing has obvious protective measures for health, but it is important to maintain human connection even when circumstances have changed as is the situation with the outbreak of Coronavirus. With the use of technology many people have been able to connect with relatives, friends and students. Isolation takes on a different meaning for some people who are not technology minded, so for them any connection is better than no connection. This is the time to reach out and connect with them however you can.

A few of you are now teaching online so that you can continue to support the people you love to work with. There are many articles circulating saying that Tai Chi and Qigong will boost your immune system and prevent you from catching this virus.

With age our immune systems become less nimble. The number of T Cells drop. The B Cells also start to wind down, making fewer antibodies to fight off infections. We are all aware of the benefits of practising Tai Chi and Qigong, better balance, fewer falls, less pain etc … and on the list goes.

Yes, we know from research that it helps to improve the Immune System, but there are varying factors to consider. Lifestyle, genetics, medical history, diet, exercise, medications, work, environmental, stress, can all influence our immune system function.

Practising Tai Chi and Qigong is a good place to start. However, looking at the “bigger picture” and integrating a healthy lifestyle will have a synergistic effect on the practise of Tai Chi and Qigong. Tai Chi might then have a strong effect on the immune system because it manages to bring exercise, relaxation and moving meditation together as a behavioural intervention. Research has theorised that Tai Chi enhances T cell activity by quieting the nervous systems “fight and flight” response which we know that stress interferes with the immune system.

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