Simple Solutions Apothecary


101 Edwards St.

Burlington, Wisconsin 53120

(815) 243-2242

Sarah's Simple Solutions Apothecary

I strive to provide herbs in different forms to help support the body, mind and soul. Some herbs will strengthen the immune system, some will provide support for the nervous system, and some will nourish your body… some will do all three! I have studied herbalism since 2016 and love to share information about the herbs I am familiar with. I have also studied as a Holistic Health Coach & Yoga/Meditation instructor. Combining these modalities, plus having the experience of healing my own health trials, has given me a toolbox that I look forward to opening each day! Please contact me with any questions!

Carpe Diem!!

CATHE Center

Offering accessible cultural, health and educational

programming, activities and events that enhance patrons’ quality of life.


Phone: (262) 767-9661

Non-profit, 501(c)(3)

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